Jerome L'Huillier

The Designer

Designer and manager of Jerome L'Huillier Label.

Jerome L' Huillier was born in France of Russian descent and spent his childhood dreaming and plunging in the big blue.

The son of an artistic and bohemian universe, Jérôme L'Huillier's mother was a beautiful model of exquisite elegance and his father, a doctor who studied at the « Ecole des Beaux Arts ». Jerome thrived in the spiritual times of the Seventies.

His sense of aesthetic developed with his interest in shapes and colors and his love of woman made the fashion world a natural path for him.

He worked within the great Maisons de couture: Givenchy, Pierre Balmain, Junko Shimada, Lapidus. With his first collection «  Vietnam 89 », he soon won the Young Designer Award given by the International Elle magazine, The press loved his innovative style, his rebellious and yet chic approach, the brand Jerome L'huillier was born.

Like a great architect, facing the demanding challenge of space and time, Jerome L'Huillier combines a sensuous aesthetic with a radical modernity. From his first collections, Jerome L'Huillier's themes and obsessions of adolescence were apparent.

A lover of cinema, Jerome finds inspiration in the world of movies with wonderful actresses like Ali McGraw, Jacqueline Bisset and of the younger generation such as Uma Thurman. In some of his runway shows, the ambiance of Cassavetes and Tarantino has been essential.

Parisian by style, Jerome L'Huillier has surrounded himself with a team of multicultural and modern women, including his very beautiful Danish Muse, Mette Pedersen. With tireless inspiration and talent, she takes part in the design of every collection and their much talked about original prints.

One of the remarkable characteristics of Jerome L'Huilllier is his ability to expose his very personal universe, one of style and color, blind to the minimalist trends that were in vogue when he began his journey into the world of fashion.

The Brand

The brand Jerome L'Huillier, beautifully presented by its label "delicately handmade" has quickly been adopted by elegant women all over the world, as well as a number of well known actresses.

Jérôme L'Huillier's first catwalk show was a bright light in the world of fashion,

almost a provocation. Voluptuous models were dressed in exquisite and yet   simple pink muslin dresses cropped in all the right places. They moved   across the podium to the rhythm of Jimi Hendrix . It was a breath of fresh air, a new sense of freedom went through the audience and was met with tremendous enthusiasm from the press.

Jérôme L'Huillier's style is viewed as a powerful fusion of Sexy meets Rock n' roll.

Women right away were drawn to Jérôme L'Huilier's idea of elegance, in all its lightness and ease. The choice of fabric, always ultra-feminine and precious, the brilliant and exuberant prints, abstract or naive, the daring joy of the colors and the precision of the bias cut leave no one indifferent to his designs. It is like the scent of a beautiful perfume, the image of Jérôme L'Huillier's designs remains in one's memory.